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Let's EMPOWER WOMEN to reach their highest potential in film, television & new media industries.

MN Women in Film & Television

Why We Exist

MN WIFT exists to advocate for and advance 
the careers of women working in the 
screen industries — in front of & behind the camera, across all levels of experience — to achieve parity and transform culture.

Become a Member

MN WIFT's membership ranges from
experienced professionals to those starting their careers.
They work in all positions in the industry from scenic designers and grips, to producers and actors, cinematographers and screenwriters.

When you join, you become 
a part of the MN WIFT Community

What you can expect:
  • Great Conversations – swap stories, experiences, and ideas around our shared mission.
  • Events - Virtual and In Person.  All posted for easy access in the Community.
  • Classes - Online and In Person.  Sharing wisdom and educating members is one of our core values.
  • Connections – meet people who share your interests, live near you, understand our industry, and care about the same priorities.
  • A private, focused online community where no one is watching, no ads, or selling private information.

Our MN WIFT Mission

EMPOWER women to reach their highest potential in film, television and new media industries.
PROVIDE access to a broad network of resources, education and support – locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
PROMOTE events that showcase members' work.
INSPIRE the public and marketplace with diverse voices.
ENGAGE audiences and members in open forum discussions.
SUPPORT our members by creating opportunities for meaningful connections.

Minnesota Women in Film & TV  was established in 2005 and joins more than  40 WIFT chapters around the world serving 10,000 global members.

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